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Small Appliance Mold Customization

XIAOLIN produces small appliance applications that meet today’s strict industry standards. Our expert engineers have vast experience across multiple fields. Some examples of projects to partner with us on are:

♦ Kitchen appliances, such as coffee machines, toasters, blenders, juicers, etc.

♦ Sweeping robots, window cleaning robots, vacuum cleaners

♦ Smart home products

♦ Accessories


Our team will work with you to refine your design, improve performance, and reduce cost, while ensuring consistent quality and reliable delivery.

1) Concept, design & development services​
2) Production & process management services
3) Supply chain management​
4) Sourcing & logistics

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A Team Of Mold Making Experts Working For You

In order to assist you study, analyze, and develop your product design so that it complies with the actual production process, we will create a quick prototype for you.

● High-quality Mold Materials

Choosing high-strength mold steel to manufacture the main body of the mold can obtain perfect precision and details from the precision CNC Machining process, and effectively extend the service life of the mold. In XIAOLIN, our default mold service life is 300.000 times-500.000 It can run several million times through reasonable maintenance and maintenance.

● Reasonably Set The Feeding Method Of The Mold

Allow the material to fill the mold cavity without obstacles to ensure that the product will not have defects. For some appearance parts, a smooth surface is an important factor in obtaining market value. We will use very small pinhole feeds. There are no traces on the surface of the product, and it is hidden on the surface of the product installation part.

● Reasonably Set The Position Of The Thimble And The Ejection Method

When the product is in the mold, it is relatively soft at high temperature, and the unreasonable ejection method will leave a mark on the surface of the product. This problem is irreversible, but the defect can be compensated by hiding and reducing the cross section of the ejector pin. XIAOLIN Very good at solving such problems.

● Reliable Repair And Maintenance

We provide comprehensive after-sales maintenance services for customers with different needs.

Many times buyers will choose our in-house injection molding factory to produce products. We will provide free mold maintenance and repairs.

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