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XIAOLIN Plastic Industry Co., Ltd

XIAOLIN Plastic Industry Co., Ltd(XIAOLIN) has 18 years of manufacturing experience, we are an experienced manufacturer for custom rapid prototyping, mold, and OEM engineering & manufacturing in Ningbo , China.
Our products have widely served in the market of medical appliances, automotive, household electrical appliances, aerospace, industrial machinery, and other fields through advanced processing technologies of Precision CNC machining, Injection molding, Mold making, and 3D Printing. At XIAOLIN, you could find an ideal production way for your design based on tolerance, size, quantity, and lead time. Send your question to us and get a free quote for your project now.

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Whether you're looking for a 'T-Rex skull tape dispenser', an articulated and poseable elephant, or an 'Articulated vase',

Why Choose Us

1.Preferential support
Get custom plastic molded prototypes and production parts in as few as 7 business days. We provide expert engineering reviews and $500 off your first mold.

2.Great Support
One-stop service from materials to logistics
Built in house mold service
Absolutely necessary English engineering communicationandDFM support.

3.Competitive price
Our factory is in Ningbo, the hometown of molds in China, which is the production base of molds and plastic products in the whole China. The price is more affordable and the technology is more professional. It is close to the port and most suitable for trade


4.More comprehensive service
We have supporting equipment and machines, from designing, manufacturing molds, mass production, 100% inspection process, and having more complete other cooperative suppliers, such as 3D printing, spray painting, silk screen printing, film injection molding and other services.

5.Custom and spot
We have a full set of customized plastic parts service, as well as the supply service of off-the-shelf plastic parts, you can contact us for consultation.

6.Experienced Team
Our technical staff have been engaged in the injection molding industry for more than 10 years, so we are more professional.

How is XIAOLIN different from other suppliers?

1.First, we focus on providing one stop service for small and medium size company.as composites and resin experts, we advise your design team on how to optimize designs, reduce tooling and part costs, and shorten time to market.

2.Our factory is in Ningbo, the hometown of molds in China, which is the production base of molds and plastic products in the whole China.We provide original factory price and make cost transparent.In addition, we have dozens of cooperative Chinese factories, which can meet your needs in the process of any product.
3.The most important thing is that we have three-to-one service for customers who have made a deal. I think your previous pre-sales service only knew English but didn’t know much about professional knowledge. When you told them the product requirements, they also conveyed to their engineers or Technician, have you ever had a pre-sales service that communicated an error or didn’t give you faster feedback? If it has caused you a lot of trouble, then you can try our XIAOLIN factory now. After signing the contract, we will establish a service group with product managers, mold engineers, and technicians to serve you throughout the process.

After-sale Service

Our digital production equipment

Get an online quote and injection molding design analysis today.

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